Wednesday, August 6, 2014

 Summer 2014

  Summer began with a visit to Sedona, Arizona, to see family and friends.  I was delighted to see the recent developments at the the Goldenstein Gallery.  Lovely new gardens surround the gallery, in its beautiful mountain setting.

Linda Goldenstein currently features my paintings on her website:

Goldenstein Gallery, Sedona, AZ.  Photo credit:  Suzanne M. Simson
The Goldenstein Gallery, Sedona AZ

Cross country

Route 66.  Photo copyright:  Suzanne M. SimsonPhoto copyright:  Suzanne M. Simson 

On our cross country travels, we discovered a few of the wonders of Route 66, including a 66 foot tall pop bottle and round barn.  Below:  Arcadia, Oklahoma - Enjoying a dance with a tour guide of the 1898 barn.

Arcadia OK,Round Barn.  Copyright image:  Suzanne M. Simson

Route 66 Pop Bottle.  Photo copyright:  Suzanne M. Simson
Round Barn dance.  Copyright image:  Suzanne M. Simson

Arcadia OK Round Barn.  Copyright photo:  Suzanne M. Simson

End of the Road 
Cadillac Mountain.  Photo Copyright:  Suzanne M. Simson
Our farthest point east, Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park


All images Copyright Suzanne Simson 2019

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